Friday, December 13, 2013

Procrastination Breeds Creativity

I'm writing my last paper for this semester...and obviously it isn't going smoothly. Writing on social action and social justice is ok, but the references I'm to use don't relate to my experience-which is what the paper is about. Or is suppose to be about. 
Now if I could figure out how creating Christmas villages and cards with my Silhouette or baking gingerbread cookies is a social action I'd be, well, still stumped. I just don't have a lot to say or at least 6-8 pages worth. Thankfully that is double spaced 6-8 pages.

So while I, um, mull things over I'm posting a card I made:

This card is the second one I made...apparently dripping water on the printing makes it all mushy and blurry.

I find that sometimes remaking things creates a better item and sometimes it doesn't. But that is only in the creator's eye because someone else may find it the other way around.

I volunteer at the local Children's Hospital and we wear red smocks so that is what the red top represents. It isn't dirt, it's gold ink that is on it. I pressed too hard in one spot so had to repeat that elsewhere so it wasn't so obvious a oops.

I've made a paper house I believe is called a puntz house. Eaton's and Simpson's Sears used to sell them in sets of 10 and were lit up with mini-lights. I made my own as a teen so when these showed up-or I noticed them-I decided to use my trusty Silhouette to create new ones (the original are long gone). I've made two and are sitting on the mantle now. With battery operated candles now I don't have to string lights between them or have them near an outlet. They are nestled among a number of paper 3-D trees I also made...all but two trees are from white cardstock. I'll have to add a photo to this after I buy more white cardstock and make more trees.

Merry Christmas!

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