Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Last night my dd and I went to our Relief Society Christmas make something evening. We made fabric flower headbands and decoupage J-O-Y wooden blocks. Each woman received a CD of Christmas music. I'm playing it in my car now.

I'm hunting for a Christmas craft that my kiddos could create for their parents. It has to be really simple since their attention span and fine motor skills are weak. Pintrest will be receiving hours of research for this project! I am thinking of making homemade Sculpty/Fimo and making earrings for mom or just an ornament from it (

The skill level of children must be taken into consideration...fine motor abilities and attention span...who wants unfinished projects lying around? Personally, I can create my own pile of unfinished projects. Sweater for my 3 year old who is now 31? Sailor suits for the 3 boys (ages 2, 4 & 6) who are now 31, 29 & 27 (this wasn't my fault I maintain, the pattern didn't fit itself!).

Merry Christmas Crafting!