Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Red So It's Fast

I picked up my new road bike on Tuesday and toodled around the block before I froze.

I look forward to riding it every day without winter woolies on. I took this photo yesterday when some strange orb in the sky was glowing. I rode for about 9km in my community before I had to hustle off to my last university classes for the year.

Thanks to Ryan at Bow Cycle for fitting me on my Specialized Roubaix. It isn't a women's specific bike (that one is a Ruby), they just didn't feel right. I sat on this and it was like going home to my 10-speed BRC (which as my husband pointed out...was red also). I can't feel the bike when I'm on it. Hopefully after 3 hours in the seat I'll feel the same way!

Due to the weather (it snowed/slushed today), tonight I'll cycle indoors on my Trek hybrid and watch American Idol or something that is set in a warm part of the world.