Friday, July 1, 2022

 Part 2 of the epic 2016 Road Trip

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. While watching the Atlantic crash against the massive rocks I realized that one must respect the ocean. It can be angry. There is a sign that states not to go onto the black parts on the rocks, and upon watching the waves sweep up and onto the rocks it is obvious that the ocean can and will take anything or anyone who stands in it's space. I absolutely loved standing in the mist, listening to the waves crash and the solitude it begat. I'm an landlocked ocean person so I relish the opportunities to stand and listen. Waves crashing on rocks is my "happy place".


Boston & Maine engine 494 in White River Junction, VT

White River Junction, VT
On way to Sharon, VT
Somewhere in Vermont
Farm nestled in trees in Vermont

New York

Utica, NY

A sign that could just as easily be seen in rural Canada!
Utica, NY

It's been six years and I've been wondering what I should do with this blog. Things change frequently with blogging, some of my favourite ones are scaled down or not updated. I have noticed that "next blog" is missing from the top of my Blogger blog...I liked using it to discover new blogs but alas, I'll have to do it via a search engine.

It was this trip that spurred our desire to hit the road with a fifth wheel & truck when I in retire in January or March 2024 and leave May 2024! I discovered on this trip (the 2016 one) that I was good for 21 days in a tent. It came to a head on part two of the trip (next instalment?) when we stopped at an Ohio rest stop and I wanted a pressure hose to clean off the table! I said I want a table and a separate bed that doesn't need to be set up each night (we were using air mattresses in our small dome tent), my hubs said he wanted to be able to stand up when dressing and also have a bathroom inside the unit. A year later, after looking at trailers that our CX-5 could pull, we adopted a "small" puppy who is now 5 and 95lbs. We are now looking at units we can live in full-time for a few years and also fit our large dog. 

I like photography and I like looking at photos so I'm posting some more from a trip 3 yrs ago...we hopped in the car and headed east. We spent 32 days on the road and enjoyed each day...even the weird weather ones!
July 9 to July 23, 2016

Grasslands National Park sunset

"flower pots" in the Bay of Fundy at low tide

"flower pots" in the Bay of Fundy at low tide

The pathway to the Bay of Fundy

Rural Eastern Canada

Confederation Bridge between NB and PEI

Rural Canada-PEI

Creek at Green Gables, PEI

Atlantic Ocean, Cape Breton Island 

My Bike at sunset, Cape Breton Island

Atlantic Ocean at sunset, Cape Breton Island

Surf, Atlantic Ocean, Cape Breton Island

Beach on Cape Breton Island

Swimmers in freezing water! PEI, Cavendish Beach

Charlottetown, PEI 

Random Rural PEI Church

Bee on flower, Nova Scotia

We enjoyed Nova Scotia so much that as we ate our lobster in Digby we discussed how comfortable we felt there and were sad to leave it. But leave we needed to, so we took the ferry from Digby to St. John, New Brunswick. From there it was Part Two of the Great Road Trip. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Some Photos of Western Canada

I take so many photos when travelling around Alberta and British Columbia so I'm sharing.

Big Horn Sheep on Highway 16 east of Jasper
Old Barn
Moose Lake 

Mount Robson-with the peak clear.
It's the highest point in the Canadian Rockies

Sunset just outside of Prince George, BC

Road in Pineview area of Prince George, BC
Mountain--in the Rockies
Moose Lake
A view from Alpine Drive, Pineview area, Prince George, BC

Rocky Mountains
Moose Lake, brrr! November 2013
Heading west on highway 16
Moose Lake, December 2013
Highway 16 heading west, December 2013

Snowplow on Highway 16, December 2013
Sunset in Pineview area, Prince George, BC
Pineview, Prince George, BC
Creek in Pineview, Prince George, BC
creek in Jasper National Park
Woods in Pineview, Prince George, BC