Sunday, April 8, 2012

A week ago today my hubby & I returned from the land of warmth to...cold. Interestingly enough, we weren't in Mexico or Hawaii either but in Georgia. It was my first visit there and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Margaret Mitchell's house

An telegram concerning "Gone With the Wind"

A visit to CNN

Atlanta's main street (it seems it is as it travels just about the whole way north to south)

Martin Luther King's memorial & house

The weather-87F! woot! woot! in MARCH! 
(it was really hard for my camera to focus in the dark & BTW we were on the freeway and being passed by other drivers!)

Savannah-the Historic District-imagine climbing these in a 19th Century dress!

The house from "In the Garden of Good and Evil" movie

My first visit to a Piggly Wiggly-
I now have my own Piggly Wiggly bag to bring to the airport
 (a Jeff Foxworthy reference)

Tybee Island Lighthouse

and the Atlantic Ocean (with me in it)

Village Pizza- a really good pizza in Metter-where "everything is better..."

An evening in the Allman Brother's (Museum) backyard 
listening to good music  (Macon).

Back City Woods playing-that mandolin player sure gets into the music!