Sunday, August 25, 2013

Banff Gran Fondo 2013--views from the first aid trailer

While my husband rode the 144km route through Banff National Park I was at the start/finish line in the first aid trailer. I spent the first hour organizing it after the other team members filled their backpacks with supplies and the two other supply chests were taken to their locations. I had my first casualty around 9am--two hours after the first batch of riders (the elite) left. He was brought in by motorcycle.

The funny part (from my point of view) was when I told him that I would have to cut his shorts to expose the road rash on his thigh. There were two rather medium sized holes (3" across) with a small seam between them right over the injury. He says ok then asks his fiancee if she could sew them! She was silent and I said, "no, they don't think so". I heard a quiet release of breath behind me. So cute.
Points to give other riders: when in a tight group or just a group of cyclists, point out hazards on the road! This dude was about 6" from the guy in front & the guy in front just swerved without indicating a hazard so my cyclist hits the traffic cone & ends up in my trailer after ride! I told him that he needed to trash his helmet also since he hit his head.

I had a great vantage point for when the riders came in. The trailer was beside the dismount point where the timing chips were snipped off.
Shawn Bunnin (left) was first at 3:29:01 with an ave. pace of 41.3km/hr.
Mackenzie Gurvis of Calgary (left) arrived #14 with a time of 3:29:08. Ave. pace is also 41.3km/hr. Peter Wuerr of Vancouver (centre) #8 at 3:28:56
 Team Smartstop from North Carolina joined the timed mass ride as a training ride (!!) for the Tour of Alberta coming up September 3-8, 2013. Most of them did not have numbers so I can't match a number up with a name & time. The first rider came in at 10:29am-Shawn Bunnin of Calgary. I'm thrilled that I was actually able to catch the first batch of riders barrelling down the 'slow down' lane. Check out the time between #1 & #14! Seconds! Their average speed is amazing (for me) at 41km/hr. I only reach that speed going downhill on a smooth straight road!
Team Smartstop & other elite racers at timing chip removal area
I was alone until about noon or 1pm...and busy! I was amazed how many of the riders crashed early in the ride only to pick themselves up and finish the ride. One crashed 40km in and had smashed his fingers pretty good. In fact with the exception of the young rider (16yrs.) who didn't see the speed bump in the slow down zone, all riders I treated after the first had crashed but finished. Hmm the one with the busted helmet...did he finish wearing a broken helmet (I'm talking almost two pieces)? I think he told me he finished the ride.

I suppose I'm almost like them, my wrist has a broken bone (3mm fracture) and I want a cast that is molded such that I can grasp my hood & reach the gears/brake. I'm riding in the Niagara Falls Gran Fondo September 14 and, well, I AM planning on riding it! Other than all the money we've spent so we can go, it is the inaugural event and I want to participate. I don't want to end up being a spectator & watching my husband cross the line again. I want him to watch me (after he crosses a couple of hours before) cross the finish line.
Waiting for the final riders at the end of the day