Friday, March 22, 2013

I've just read a wonderful recounting of an event about chivalry occurring "along the flat, head windy, hot, highway of West Maui". Picture this, a moped being pushed by a sprite of a girl being rescued by a road biker. No, not the biker clad in black leather with a skull-cap helmet but one dressed in white lycra with a bike helmet. Read the story here (she tells it so well):

I'm going to be riding the GranFondo Niagara Falls (Ontario) this September. GranFondo means "big ride" in Italian, and it is a big ride. For me anyways. Maybe not for those Tour de Francers or Milan to San Remo types. It's about 122km or 76 miles. Kilometers sounds longer! 
I've started training...wheeze wheeze. For my birthday DH gave me a Kinetic Flow rider (fluid? I could go down to check it out but that takes energy. Yes I see the contradiction). It is really boring to cycle in my basement and I hope that the snow that is melting will continue and stay melted! I wanna ride outside!