Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving-thanks to other moms & women

Today is Canada's Thanksgiving and we had our dinner/feast on Saturday in order to accommodate the two married kid's in-law schedules...that is what happens when you start planning the week before the big day! We should decide what time our Christmas meal will be so others can plan around us!

Some families have gratitude books where they record daily what they were grateful for that day. I wasn't that organized to maintain that, but the concept is workable and flexible. I like it because it lets you enjoy that moment in your life. Yesterday a mom (of 4) said me that when she first got married she started the "I can't wait" drone and realized that if she didn't stop she'd miss half her life!

We really have to remember to "flower where we're planted". There was a story years ago in a church lesson where a woman who was married to a armed forces man (therefore moved a lot) was questioned why she was planting tulips when she knew that the likelihood of her seeing them bloom was small. She replied that if she didn't enjoy them then someone else would. This wise woman believed in enjoying where she was. She enjoyed gardening and planting so she did so knowing that someone would enjoy them.

I love the thought of planting something and having a stranger discover flowers blooming in the garden of their new home. Not all moves are wanted or planned, some are forced and wouldn't it be nice to have a nice surprise in the new home?

I am thankful (and awed) by the women who blog frequently (more than once a week) and are creative and still spend time with their children. I enjoy discovering what other women/moms are doing and get so many ideas that I have to tell myself to be realistic--will it get done?

We women haven't created a "old girls club" similar to the men's "old boys club", but we still learn from each other and when their is a need, strive to help. We may not get paying jobs, but we tend to the important stuff-people.