Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laugh more than once a week!

I've been idly doing some "next blog"ging and came across a couple of blogs that were aimed at a 50+ audience. They were very different, one is by a 50ish woman who needs to relax and laugh more and the other by one in her 80's who knew how to relax. Both had husbands, the former's is still living with her albeit she states he's a bit bigger than he needs be. The older lady's husband is wheelchair bound with Alzheimer's living in a care centre (she called the other residents "inmates"). I suppose I must say that the older lady recently died at 85 and her daughter wrote the last blog posts telling us this. I read some of her earlier posts and she did enjoy life, especially with her children et al and at the lake in the Green Bay area.

The younger woman seemed to be a no-nonsense type of person-I'll leave it at that because I really don't know her, but she seemed to be very critical-and vocal about her views. I do know people like that and unfortunately that can be very alienating. I do so hope she really is more uplifting in real life-though she stated that laughing once a week is more than enough. Really? Gosh, I think it's a bad day if I don't do it once a DAY! Time to stop the starching of the undershorts!

Life is too short to laugh only once a week...and there are too many things that happen that could make you rip your hair out. Or the person's next to you. I prefer to hear a clerk say thanks for understanding than them thinking "she's really almost scary when she's mad".

Hubs & I are puppy sitting our 'grand-puppy' Diesel-dog (our pet name for him). He's a miniature dachshund and loves to give doggy-kisses...I've had a walk-by licking from him. He's sleeping on my lap right now. I love that. Our last pet, Alice the white Persian cat died last February (she would have been 20 in May)

Alice sleeping in a random box
and the year before Miranda the grey tabby (our son's cat who he chose in 1992) and Dakota the lab/shepherd/collie died about 5 years ago. So we've been pet-less for a while, there is less cat/dog hair found each month-er,  day, yes, I vacuum every room every day (riiiiggghht & the North Pole is a rainforest). No taking a dog for a walk in -30C weather or vet bills. Also no enthusiastic (or indifference from the cats) welcome when we come home or purring and stretching out on the fabric I'm cutting or newspaper I'm reading. Diesel-dog gives us that injection of pure unconditional love we sometimes crave. Even the standing out in the cold icy backyard wondering if he's going to 'go' then or we'll find a treasure somewhere in the house during the upcoming week is fine.

This is Annabelle, our 'grand-hedgehog' on her co-owner's birthday...I made party hats for both of them. Just a cute photo of up our weekly 'smile' quota.

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