Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Day to be Awesome

I'm rather swamped right now but I spent time to create for the Silhouette weekly challenge. I need goals in order to really motivate me. I cut out the vinyl after the new challenge was announced and let it sit awhile. Today I finally decided to use the cookie sheet I had sprayed silver instead of cutting down the plywood piece that is painted black. A couple of months ago I had bought a new silver paint that was more sterling so this morning I sprayed the sheet again. Mid-afternoon I put the vinyl on and sprayed the stencil green. I then set it out in the sun to set/dry. Just before I left for tonight I peeled off the mask and discovered that some of the new silver paint came off also. And I had missed a spot that was now green. That is the lesson, the paint hadn't cured.

I think that having it hang in the backyard will be just fine and the blemishes won't be noticeable until someone goes right up to it. Which is highly unlikely since the backyard doesn't have a lot of traffic anyways. Well, not until my daughter's wedding this summer. The green matches the faded green trim on the house and compliments the green plants and trees in the yard. I want something unusual in the backyard and this is a good start. It'll weather and blemishes will become 'weathered'. Now I have to figure out how and where to hang it. Until then I think I'll lean it up against the fence by the table in the back corner.

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