Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silhouette Challenge- condolence cards

Someone close to me just lost his "Grandbear" who was a very important person in helping him have a 'normal' life growing up. I really like the phrase that circulating around the Sil Facebook sites and so combined it with the shape of the week challenge. I needed to elongate it to fit the phrase but the shield shape needed no alterations. His Grandfather had dachshunds & I couldn't think/create fast enough on my feet how to incorporate them into the same item so made them as separate cards. I was going to frame them but I'll let him decide what to do with them. He loved them and apparently he showed them to everyone at the memorial open house.

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  1. I came over from the Silhouette Blog.. Your project turned out lovely for your friend and for the Challenge... It's really a sweet thing you did... Thanks for Sharing! :o)