Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you to all SAHM

I'm into week three two of my career (shudder) in daycares I'd like to thank all moms/dads who stay at home raising their own children. You are doing your children a great favour by NOT putting them into a daycare. If you do have to work...please, for the sake of your child, try if at all possible to work part-time. The children are ready to go home by noon. Not at 5:30 or 6pm after being here since 7 or 8 am. They are with the same children day in and day out...and no they aren't like their brothers and sisters. These children aren't part of the family routines, the other children aren't preparing for bed with them or going shopping or traveling with your child. They get tired of them and need their own parents during the day.

That is my rant of the day. For now. I have to go back to work now. May the children be not too tired and cranky this afternoon. (BTW this is a small daycare, licenced for 31 children 3yrs.-Kindergarten).

11pm Same day: Yes, unfortunately it is like this. And this is a pretty decent daycare. And will be even better when they get into their own building this summer. They other workers (4 including the director) tell me this is the way it is. Parents aren't really involved with it or invested in it as a place that can educate their child. They HAVE to put their kid into daycare unlike a pre-school where they choose to. Personally I really don't see the difference in being involved but that is just me I suppose. Too many years at home with my own kids I guess. Parents don't want to pay a lot--which I really do appreciate, I'm cheap too--but if they pay more, they should get better care for their child. If my provincial government didn't pitch in $6.62/hour, I would be making $13/hour for being "on" for these children. No telling them to play quietly while I nap, or loosing it and telling to shut up and quit bickering. The government incentive allowance is there in hopes that better qualified people will join. I'm at the top level with the base wage of $13/hour! In some counties that would be a month's wage, but in Calgary that means you are living with roommates or at home with your parents because the wage you need to live here is a minimum $15/hour.
The children really do want to be alone sometimes. I was talking with two of the girls (separately) and they wish it were quieter sometimes (so do I) and be alone.
I remember when my eldest was in kindergarten and the school put in a daycare to boost the student numbers (it was in danger of being closed due to low enrollment). The daycare kids all went to the afternoon class. For that year only. The next year the kids were split up because their behaviour was less than stellar. Aggressive. They were tired of each other. And with only 8 days into this job I see that behaviour in these boys and the girls as well. It is sad. I feel for the children. They want to be with their parent(s) so badly. To visitors they look and behave like everything is hunky dory but it isn't. Just like us, they can rally themselves up and play after a down moment.


  1. It's that bad?? That makes me feel so sad! Glad I'm at home.

  2. I raised my kids at home but took in Family Day Care kids..mostly it was ok..but they did miss their parents a lot..even when they were used to it. I think sometimes they were jealous of my kids being home and picked a few fights!

  3. I wish this was Facebook and I could "like" this post. Because I do like everything about it. I couldn't agree more with all that you have said and am so glad we chose to live within our means and become a SAHM. Sing it sista!