Monday, February 28, 2011

Black and White Photography

Tracy's Trinkets & Treasures (blackandwhitebutton9.jpg) is having a Black & White photo linky party and I decided to play. I have always loved b&w photography, especially of people. I'm a big fan of Karsh-he was a portrait photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario. I think one of his most famous photos is of Sir Winston Churchill-scowling & without his cigar (Karsh had just pulled it out of his mouth). I believe that b&w show who the person is.

Yes, it is THE Ty Pennington...a quick shot as he kept moving around! Some of my best shots were of the top of his hat because he bent over to sign autographs.

Like Tracy, I find buildings very interesting to photograph.

I love colour also, as b&w just doesn't do Canadian sunsets/sunrises justice. And when I find one that wasn't taken from the front seat of a moving vehicle I'll post one.


  1. Sweet! I love building pics too. Which building is that, Libby?

  2. I have always liked Ty. I watched him when he was on his first show Trading Places. Your builidng shot is great. Neat architecture. Thanks for linking to the party.

  3. Buildings look great in black and white. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mandi, it is the Cardston Alberta Temple. Every time I've been to Cardston I've taken at least one photo of it for the past 30 odd years. Geesh that makes me sound really old!

    Tracy, me too! Shirtless Ty!

    I tend to take more buildings than people now...less hassle with privacy stuff. I used to take concert photos but then they tightened security and my cameras aren't small and inconspicuous (though I did get Shania Twain & Rod Stewart). And they don't cover their face when a camera is pointed at them!

    Thanks for the comments :o)

  5. Nice photos, Libby! I like architecture photos, too. They're so interesting.