Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The monetary price of having children

While there are many cost analysis' of raising children there is one that is different because it breaks down that big number into a refreshing and surprising cost. Now instead of thinking we've spent an outrageous amount of money on our 4 kids, I've discovered that it really is a pittance. The dividends though are tremendous though! There is one 'payment' that they don't mention but I find that it has kept me going for months. An unexpected kiss on the cheek from my undemonstrative son! Usually I have to point out that I get a 'birthday kiss' or 'Mother's Day kiss" and point to my cheek. He groans and obliges his mommy. He's 30yrs. old and isn't as reluctant now. I think it is because he's a dad now and I see him hugging and snuggling his two wee ones. And the tree branches...

It is a slide show that I did have up here but it slows the loading of the page. If it doesn't work just cut & paste, it is worth it.

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