Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little boys' imagination and the joy of being their leader

I taught a portion of the Cub's First Aid badge this morning at our Stake Cuberee. It went rather well considering I've known for sure about it for a few days yet choose to wait until last night to prepare and haphazardly at that. Went to bed at 2:30am and up at 7am, well, 7:45am, to the church library to photocopy the rescue breathing direction sheet from St. John Ambulance's "We Can Help" booklet (instructor's book). Thankfully I'm a 'librarian' for our Ward so I had a key. Was still early enough to set up.
The best question of the day was when we (ok, me) were talking about animal/human bites a Cub asked "what if a shark was biting me?". This is funny because Alberta is land locked and the only lakes in Calgary are man-made. Being the (ahem) sensitive child friendly person that I am, I replied "well, because you're not that big, you'd be only a snack so really you won't have to worry about the bites" (let him figure out on his own he'd be dead). I also told them that if they were bitten by a shark in Calgary then it was because they stuck their hand into someone's aquarium. I love the senarios they come up shows they have imaginations. Another one (different group) was what if you swallowed a octopus. I told him that he had bigger problems than the octopus stuck in his throat. Never did really answer either, but really, did I need to?
I was talking with some of the leaders and they expressed their joy at being a Cub leader. One said he threatened to become inactive if the church leaders asked him to do something else. I didn't think of using that when I was asked to switch to teaching the 3-4 yr.olds. It was for the best because I was doing my degree and ended up taking a couple of evening courses in order to finish in the four years.
I was quite thrilled last February at the Early Childhood conference I attended that there is hard research showing that boys need their own organizations in order to learn and grow up. This supports my church's stand on non-co-ed child and youth groups. I'll post later the evidence and rationales supporting gender specific groups.

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