Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Calgary Stampede 2013 will go on-- "Hell of High Water"

Calgary Stampede CEO Vern Kimball said that despite the devastation the flooding has caused, Calgary will party for 10 days, come "hell or high water". The Stampede grounds were completely flooded, in the Saddledome (our arena where the Flames play) the water was up to I believe the 8th row.

So this wasn't a flippant decision since there was a ton or two of water AND muck to remove. There are some cancellations and changes of venues for some of the events but overall the show will go on, come "hell or high water".

Marc Martel, a Nashville based singer wrote & recorded a song about the show, flood and resiliency of Southern Albertans. The Young Canadians were called in to back it and here is a link to the free download:

The Young Canadians is a group of youth who perform every year at the Stampede (44yrs!). Every year there are new members who join, so it is a fluid group. They were able to rehearse & record it in 48 hrs. while also preparing for their annual Main-stage performance that starts this Friday!

It's a cool song. Quite a good anthem. Canada rocks! (That's because people from outside of southern Alberta have come here to help with clean up).

Photos gathered from Googling "The Calgary Stampede 2013 will go on "Hell of High Water".

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