Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am early interventionist and hear me roar

I should be getting ready for the formal event tonight, you know, making sure the clothes I want to wear are, well, wearable. I know or am pretty sure they're clean, I know the skirt fits-tried it on last week, so I don't have to find or make one this morning before class.

I went back to school, again. This time for a degree in Social Work. I am like a fish out of water there. A turnip in among squashes, enough in common to know I can make a new type of serving but still different. I can't imagine how the business major or math major feels! I think that the department accepted us because we ARE different, we see the world differently, we see the possibilities that social work can offer us career-wise. I am a transfer student, meaning that I either have a degree already or at least 2 years of another one. Some of my classes have the post-diploma students, they have a diploma in Social Work and are now finishing up the last bit to earn their bachelor's degree. Makes for a nice balance in those classes-we are to learn from each other. Might've been nice to be mixed with the 'regular' degree people. If they take these classes.

A lot of classes use homelessness, addictions, poverty (that goes hand-in-hand with the first two) as the basis for a lot of the theories and practical stuff. I see the need to address why we don't take early developmental concerns seriously. Why is "they'll grow out of it" still prevalent? If these concerns were addressed before preschool when they first show up then a lot of the poverty causes/issues would be addressed and only later developing issues would need to be causes. Some issues from preschool and that era are lifelong and will impact future coping abilities, but a lot of people will be given skills that will lessen the impact.  Sigh. Uphill road it is. I am early interventionist and hear me roar.

If you suspect your child isn't acquiring the motor skills/language or whatever you think they should be able to do by now, insist on seeing a professional who can determine if they are progressing in the general time frame or do in fact need assistance. It is easier to straighten a tree when it is a sapling than when it has a bigger trunk.

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