Friday, January 21, 2011

Dolls & Pillows for comfort

While cruising through blog links I came upon Carol in the state of Queensland, Australia who is making cheerfully bright pillows and Megan in Tauranga, New Zealand who is making delightful dolls for those who are affected by the massive flooding. Why is a landlocked Canadian interested in these?

1. Calgary and southern Alberta had some nasty flooding in 2005 not to forget the Manitoba/North Dakota floods of 1997

Calgary 2005

2. Two of my children spent 6 mos. based just south of Brisbane, Queensland and arrived home just before the flood hit. Their hosts are ok...which amazes me because they're a 15min. walk from the ocean. Therefore I now have an emotional tie to Queensland

3. Parents and children are affected by the flooding and well, there is nothing like something bright and clean to raise spirits. And supporting parents is important to me.

Dolls = spontaneous play, they're therapeutic: security, some"one" to talk to about what has happened to them, a sense of control--the child can control what the doll feels, says and does. Holding something soft and colourful offers comfort and gosh, just something to have just for themselves (that isn't cover with sewage or mud)

Pillows = comfort, being bright (and clean) can raise spirits and help the re-nesting of the family (is re-nesting a term?)

Megan & Carol have information about the details of getting the dolls/pillows over there.

For Carol's:
Megan's link is the button to the right.

Now that I have 'published' this, I am now committed to making at least one pillow/top and doll to send.

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