Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en isn't just playtime for kids...

I've always been a 'crafty' person, especially when the kids were little (seems most crafty blogs are by moms of young children...wonder why that is?) so seeing all these projects got my juices revived after a 3 year hiatus...exams and work got into the way...I created a wreath for Hallowe'en!
Thanks to all those who showed off their creations, I would never have thought to do one for Hallowe'en.
During the creation process I discovered a couple of things, one, Superglue is no replacement for a glue gun (I now own 3 of them since two are MIA) and feather boas molt and Superglue DOES stick to feathers (but not plastic skulls onto wood).

So, I bought only from two local dollar stores (Silver Dollar & Dollarama) and the grape wreath was collecting dust on the basement fireplace mantle. Spent about $4 on the Superglue that didn't work and $5 on a new glue gun. The skulls were one package for $1, the boa $1, the skeleton was a package of 4 for $1 and the two spiders were bought at a dollar store about 5 years ago when I taught Sunday School to 3yr. olds and we were doing "I am thankful for insects" (yeah, I know technically spiders aren't insects, but gosh, they're funky and the kids loved them!). 

Next is an advent calendar for Christmas...looking for ideas....

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