Friday, June 11, 2010

Directions to go--where though?

I've been looking for employment for the past few months with only two interviews and wonder why because I have great qualifications. I wonder if it is agism (not a spring chicken anymore-more like mid-to-late summer) or I'm just looking at the wrong areas. Could be a combination of both. Over the past five years I've been lead into a certain direction that I have resisted and really should just embrace and follow that route. The Lord knows where I am needed so I should relax and go down that road. Preschools perhaps? We'll see if those leads bring me anything. Sometimes it takes a proverbial 2X4 to the head to get my attention. It would address my interest in early intervention, literacy and play. A development centre or high risk preschools that know that free play is the real key to academic and social success and not focused on inundating wee ones with academic rote work.
On a different note (musically speaking) the link to the right is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice. I don't know if her work is available other than through links. She's the daughter of a school friend from Jr./Sr. High. 

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